5 Unbeatable Ideas on How to Make a Video for Your Business

Video marketing is a great way to get your company in front of a large audience, help it grow organically, and stay connected with your customers. They're also successful at driving leads because videos naturally rank well for targeted keywords when posted on social media platforms.

With videos and video marketing becoming more popular, do you need to create a high-quality product for your business?

Creating videos may be more straightforward than it appears. It's not just about selling your products with videos; it's also about sharing knowledge and presenting yourself as an authority in the industry. With such great tips on making a good video, even if you aren't very tech-savvy, it will be easy to create videos that help promote your business.

To increase the success of videos that you create or post online, consider these five tips:

1. Post Videos That Do Not Require Sound

The videos will still be able to go viral without sound because videos with text inside them tend to attract viewers looking for information rather than entertainment or fun videos. If your video can stand without any accompanying music or narration, it'll make it easier for people viewing the videos to share them even if they don't have speakers on.

2. Tell A Story

Think of videos as another platform for storytelling, which you're probably already good at if you're trying to promote your business online using videos. Videos can tell the complete story better than images because videos allow users to see what's happening around them with their own eyes rather than having to imagine it based on the picture alone.

3. Videos For Social Media Or Mobile View

Create videos specifically for mobile use or viewing social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. The size of videos posted on websites has shrunk over time. However, videos that various users easily share should still be small enough for people who don't know much about video editing software to feel confident about sharing them with their own social media networks. However, shorter videos tend to be shared more often on social media networks because they're entertaining and easily digestible by viewers with a busy lifestyle.

4. Keep Videos Under A Minute If Possible

If you can keep videos under a minute, it's likely to increase the odds of them being viewed at least once by users. Such individuals have adopted short videos as their preferred videos on social media platforms, mainly if they contain helpful information or anything related to entertainment, such as how-to videos or video blogs.

5. Use Videos for Storytelling Rather Than Using Them As Promotional Tools

The whole aim of creating videos is probably geared more towards promoting your business online but try having fun with the videos that you post on social media platforms by using videos to tell a story, whether it's related to your business or not. People love seeing videos on social media networks that can make them chuckle or forget about their daily stressors for a short moment in time. So considering videos as another way to entertain people will likely increase the chances of your video going viral and attracting more users who might be interested in speaking with you or learning about what you have to offer.

Wrapping Up

These five tips should help you jumpstart your video marketing efforts and reach out to a larger audience than before. Remember that videos shouldn't focus on marketing the product or service itself. Still, they should also be entertaining and tell a story to make your videos stand out from other videos online.

If you need help with videos for business, contact us for more information about what we can do to help get your business seen online.

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