How To Create And Manage A Dynamic, Effective Company Video

The internet is a potent tool. It helps companies grow. One such company liaison between the employer and employee is video. Video has become increasingly popular as a way to create online company profiles.

The main benefits of these profiles are marketing, branding, and improving company culture. They allow people who may not have met face-to-face to view how other employees interact with each other in a positive environment. This can foster trust and respect among team members even before they meet in person for the first time.

Company videos can be either based on one individual's experience or from an objective perspective through multiple interviews from various team members worldwide. The most effective videos use an interview-style to elaborate on what they do and how they feel about the company.

The interviewer should try to be as neutral as possible to give honest answers. If a particular question needs clarification or has sensitive information, such as salaries, it should be removed from the video before it goes live.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Company Videos That Convert & Make Money

There are many steps involved in creating a dynamic company profile video:

1. Finding The Right Talent for Interviewing

It may seem like a simple task, but it is essential to get the best representation of your company possible. In some cases, employees from other companies have been hired as temporary team members or contractors. Creating a good video with that kind of diversity can be challenging.

It is generally advisable not to have more than two people in an interview because it can become confusing and difficult to follow along if multiple threads are going at once. However, having many viewpoints from different personalities within one company ensures that there will be no homogenous feeling among the answers given by your employees.

Suppose you are filming the video yourself, whether on your phone or a professional camera. It is best to have at least three people, including the interviewer, subject matter expert (SME), and someone else operating the camera. This entity confirms that there is no dead air time while setting up shots for different angles.

2. Recording, Editing Footage Into A Logical Order

Uploading the video to a website in a non-obtrusive way so that it does not detract from your company's other web content. The best length for a company profile is between two and four minutes, which is how much time most people are willing to spend watching something on an internet browser. The video should be published with all appropriate metadata to ensure that search engines can find it.

Many companies today offer video production services, including some that specialize in company profile videos. Search engine optimization (SEO) is how people find your company video. They might even upload it to a website or video hosting service that has not been over-saturated by other company profiles in the same industry.

So, they can find you when searching for relevant search terms. SEO is the most significant factor in ensuring your company profile video reaches its target market audience.

3. Finalizing All Edits By Making Sure Everything Flows Together Cohesively Between Shots And Sounds.

In its basic form, a video is many still images playing in sequence very quickly. A character or object might move from one place to another, but if you look carefully every 8-frames, there's a new image, and it takes 24 frames for each second, so the motion isn't fluid. It's kind of like looking at a flip-book; when you flip through the pages fast enough, it seems like a cartoon character is moving.

Now think about video processing and making two videos run in sync with each other. Two of the most common tasks are editing audio and video together. If you cut out a section from one of them, they no longer match up correctly because one of the videos is still advancing frame by frame even though that section isn't playing anymore.

So, what does it take to make everything run smoothly together? It's easy, and it takes about 2 minutes total, although you can go on forever trying to perfect every detail, of course.

Wrapping Up

All of this must be done quickly and cheaply so that people do not get bored watching an amateur-looking video with poor audio quality and no style or substance to keep them interested. Today, many companies use online videos as part of their advertising campaign because they are affordable and effective. They also provide a way for employees worldwide, who may never meet personally, to understand how each other behaves and communicates daily.

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