Still working from home? Here are a few tips to stay motivated!

Around the world, companies of all industries (capable of doing so) have asked their employees to work from home since March 2020. As this new reality takes permanency, it will take lots of adjusting for many people’s regular work routines and overall lifestyles. One of the biggest concerns people usually have is distinguishing between the blurred lines of working hours and home. All being said, we’ve put together some of our favorite (insider) tips and tricks to help keep you motivated, productive and accountable.

1) Get Dressed

You may be shocked to find that something as simple as changing your clothes for work, signals your mind that it’s almost time to get into the work mindset and kick start your productivity. This is one of the top tips that can help you draw the line between being at work and being at home. Other than putting on acceptable clothes, this applies to other appearance-based tasks. Put on makeup, do your hair as you normally would and take a shower.

2) Create a designated workspace

Find a comfortable spot in the house that you can work from that definitely means not on the couch, and certainly not in bed. Creating a productive and conducive work environment can help you block out any distractions that may be around to work in silence and remain focused.

3) Work when you’re most productive

Through extremely tough and unprecedented times like a pandemic, its normal for an employee’s productive hours to shift as well. When working from home, It’s important to identify what those hours are and capitalize on them to make the most out of your day. If you know you work best in the mornings, keep that time for your harsher more time-consuming tasks and the smaller ones for your down-time.

4) Plan out your day ahead

It can be challenging to stay focused when you’re not in a work environment and instead with distractions at home. Planning out your day will help you complete tasks based on a deadlines, see what you have to accomplish that day and maintain momentum. Keep yourself accountable for the things you plan completed that day, in whatever manner works best for you.

5) Meal prep in advance

Do you find yourself Googling ‘easy work lunch ideas’ while on a client meeting instead of actually focusing on the client? Meal prepping in advance can save you time deciding what’s for lunch & snacks during work hours. The same way you would prep the night before heading to the office, you should do the same for your at-home meals.

6) Take scheduled, short breaks

Keeping in mind that your next break is right around the corner, you can look forward to finishing your task at hand. This helps you structure your day better and take timed breaks in order to avoid getting distracted for any longer than scheduled.

7) Stay off social media

One of the most common reasons employees reported distraction was social media. Through limitation features (available on IOS), you can limit your time on Instagram so you can get some quality work done. Being mindful and cautious about how your work-hours are spent can help you stay on task and accountable. By placing limitation on certain apps you roam around, you’re making it harder to get distracted mindlessly.

8) Use technology to stay connected

Communicate, communicate and communicate. With a variety of online tools available ranging from Google Hangouts, Zoom Communications, Slack, Asana etc. you won’t even feel you are away from your team. Pick the right tools and maintain communication through them, be careful not to overwhelm yourself with too many though!

9) Communicate work expectations with people at home

Even though you’re at home, you still have “company” whether this be your kids, partner, siblings, parents, roommates or dogs. Make your work timings clear and your expectations transparent as to what you need to get your job done properly and timely.

10) Ask for constant feedback

If you’re new to the remote work situation aka #thenewnormal – make sure to ask your team and your manager for constant feedback to see how you’re doing. Often in an office casual feedback is given over the water-cooler or casual comments passed. Since you’ll be missing those, make sure to ask for any improvements you may need.

While we spend these challenging times at home it may be tough for you to adjust to the #WFH lifestyle. Follow these tips and tricks to help you tackle and create a routine that works best for you!

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Written by Darya Tajallipour

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