Take your Video Production Lighting to the Next Level

Have you ever watched another brand’s video production content and wondered how they get it to look so dynamic and professional? We’ll give you a hint: It’s probably the lighting.

Using specialized lighting equipment and techniques to create your video production content can completely change the tone and quality of your videos. With the quality of phone cameras now-a-days, you can create an expert-looking video with just a phone and a few basic lights.

Types of Lighting

Ring Light

If you’re shooting self-tape vlogging style videos, a ring light is for you. This type of light is perfect for illuminating one or two people at a time, or one product that remains stationary in the frame. Ring lights are typically very budget friendly and easy to use, since they don’t create shadows, so they’re a wonderful option for beginners.

Fresnel Lens

This type of lens typically comes in clamp form, meaning it can attach to a stand and be a floor lamp or clamp to the ceiling to light from above. The benefit to a Fresnel lens is that you can adjust the focus, giving you everything from a wide flood of light to a concentrated spotlight.

LED Panels

LED lights are the most commonly used lights in video production as they are very versatile and use less energy than traditional lights. You can adjust the color and temperature easily and light a variety of scenes with two or three of these panels.

Lighting Setup

Three-Point Lighting

The most popular lighting setup for video production is three-point lighting. This does not apply to ring lights as you only need one placed directly in front of the subject. Three-point lighting uses a key light, back light, and fill light to give the shot depth and remove harsh shadows.

Key Light – Shone directly on the subject. Main source of light.

Back Light – Placed behind the subject to give depth

Fill Light – Softer light used to illuminate any dark spots

Final Thoughts

Purchasing one of these three lights and following this simple technique will make your videos look much more professional. Need more video production help? Consult our experts on how we can step your video production game up to the next level!

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