Why Is It Important to Have an Online Presence in 2020?

For any business or brand to thrive in this day and time, an online presence is critical. As the world moves towards digital technology faster than ever, all companies must have an online presence. An online presence can be defined as an individual or company online through an online search. Thus, if you are a part of a Facebook group or an association with a member directory listing online, you have an online presence. Also, if you have a website for your brand, you have an online presence.

No matter the industry you're working in, having an online presence is a necessity. This makes it easier for you to keep up with the industry trends by monitoring your audience and your competitors. When you use your online presence to keep track of your audience, you can see their engagements and enhance your business objectives. This will also help you in creating a better business plan, leading to increased sales.

Statistics show that almost 90% of people living in Canada have an internet condition, and nearly all use social media to some extent. Thus, almost everyone has a social media presence. But, having a website or a social media account for your brand is only one part of having a social media presence.

What is an Online Presence Really?

When referring to an online presence, many things fall under this category. Different platforms can help you declare and establish an excellent online presence. Any business you have on the internet is an online presence.

A significant online presence involves having a clear market definition with associated keywords, social media marketing, interaction, capturing and converting leads, a website or a blog, and consistent and high volume traffic.

You can't just create a Facebook account and think you have an online presence. Instead, you have to earn it from others as well. Achieving an online presence involves the reviews on your page, comments made on your posts and pictures, or even tweets and discussions made online about your brand.

You cannot have full control over your online presence; you can only monitor all the activities from your audience.

Why is an Online Presence Necessary?

If you own a small business or startup, you might think an online presence isn't essential. But in 2020, an online presence is what will help your business take off, whether it is a small company or multinational. Stats show that more than 50% of people prefer to search for a company online before doing business. Also, having an online presence makes a business look trustworthy, secure, and genuine.

When you stay active on the web, you can know the best social media platforms to use, understand your target audience's interests, interact better with customers, use crucial SEO keywords, develop creative content, and learn more about marketing trends as they arise.

Here are seven reasons why having an online presence is necessary for 2020:

1. Creates Better Accessibility

Even when you're running an offline business, having an online presence is essential for better accessibility. Having an online presence is vital in increasing your sales and reaching your target audience. Even if customers cannot purchase directly online, it's still an excellent way to reach them and engage with them.

If your audience cannot find you active online, they will buy from your competitors if they are active. This can cause a severe drawback to small companies. People prefer to try out your products if you have a presentable online profile.

2. Improved Knowledge of Your Audience

Through many tools online, you can find different activities that help you learn more about your audience. These tools help you see what your audience is interested in or not interested in. It also enables you to figure out how to reach them and adjust your marketing strategy. For instance, through a Twitter poll, you can find out what your audience likes best out of your products.

You can also find out what parts of your website they are engaged in more and improve where you lack in your strategy. If you have an improved knowledge of your audience, you will be able to appeal to them better through your ads and marketing plans.

3. Market Your Business

Another reason why you need an online presence in 2020 is because of the marketing benefits it offers. There's a high chance that your target audience can be found online, and so, if you want to reach them, you will also need to become more active online. Since they are online, they will trust and recognize your brand.

Marketing online is also faster, more efficient, and more manageable than offline methods. By using online methods to market, you can reach a wider audience more efficiently than with billboards, flyers, or brochures. The best way to do this is through your social media accounts, website, blog, and more.

Not only this, but it's cheaper to market your business through your online presence than with conventional marketing. The cost of developing a website is much less expensive than your marketing budget. You also don't have to pay to use social media platforms to engage with your target audience.

4. 24/7 Services

With an online presence, your business is represented 24/7. Even when your physical office or shop is closed at night, your website isn’t. Thus, you can make money with your business and market your brand while you sleep. If people can purchase directly from your website, they can easily do so when you’re not looking. If they have to visit your store, they would already be convinced by looking through your online presence.

5. Engage with Customers

Without an online presence, you cannot communicate with all your customers at the same time. Engaging with customers after they have purchased from you is critical to making them loyal and building strong relationships with them. Apart from discussions on social media and marketing through emails and websites, instant messaging is also an excellent way to relate with customers and keep them coming back.

6. An Edge Over Competitors

If all your competitors are online, you're putting your brand at a disadvantage in this day and age. They are likely working hard to enhance their online presence, so you can lose to them if you don't do the same. Businesses with a strong online presence usually have better sales than those who don't. Thus, if everyone is doing it, why aren’t you doing it better?

7. Brand Awareness

A strong online presence leads to a strong brand. If you focus on being consistent with your website, logo, color schemes, taglines, and more, people will be able to recognize your brand whenever they see anything connected to it. It's better to hire web development professionals that provide branding for small businesses in Toronto, like Kynda Creative.

Improve Your Online Presence in 2020

Improving your online presence has become more critical than ever during this pandemic. You need the online presence if you want to build your audience, keep them updated, and connect with them. Most people are working from home, and crowds are a thing of the past, so how do you want to reach different people and attract them to your business or store.

This is why you don't only need an online presence, but you frequently need to improve it and widen your scope online. If not, how will they know the services or products you offer or even when you open?

You can improve your online presence by monitoring your business, social media assessments, and tracking website traffic. You can use different tools or work with a creative agency in Toronto to make things easier for you and your brand.

There are many other ways you can improve your social media presence and your overall online presence. Through these ways, you can enjoy the benefits that come with having a strong online presence.

Now that you know why it is vital to have an online presence today, you can start working hard towards one for your company, brand, or yourself. You can also learn more about enhancing your brand's online presence when you contact us at or ask questions in the comments below!

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