Stack Cosmetics

Branding & Packaging

Stack cosmetics is an ethical beauty company based in Vancouver. The minimal branding and packaging approach was a way to stand out amongst competitors.

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Stack Cosmetics

Logo Design

The Stack logo was inspired by the minimal approach that we had in mind for the branding. Through researching the cosmetics industry, and keeping the name in mind, we decided to go with a simple design which would easily stand out amongst competitors.

Stack Cosmetics - Kynda Creative Brandin

Brand Guidelines

Artboard 38@500x-80.jpg

Color Palette

The choice of color will give your business that minimal look that it needs.

Artboard 38 copy 2@500x-80.jpg

Font Family

Using the "Lato" font gives the brand a modern look. Having only one font family with a "regular & bold" keeps things simple yet beautiful.

Artboard 38 copy@500x-80.jpg

What to avoid

Avoid stretching the logo while resizing it; always resize proportionally. Do not add color or change the font.

Stack Cosmetics Stationary by Kynda Crea


At Kynda Creative we believe that when designing the stationary the most important aspect to keep in mind is the functionality of the items. That is why we have left a large negative space in order to have enough room to write/print materials.



During our research process we came to realize that a lot of packages are piled up with graphic and content. Therefore, we decided to take a complete opposite direction in order to stand out and keep the important content on the side & back of the product.