How to Easily Create Instagram Reels for your Business

June 28, 2022

When it comes to making content on social media brands are usually lazy and this is because it just takes so much time!

So today we have put together a short list on how you can easily create Instagram Reels and get your content rolling out in no time.

Here are 3 main ways of making reels fast; today!

#1 Use Trendy Audio

Surely you spend some time during the day and watch reels. You have definitely noticed that many of these reels use the same audio, and this is not coincidental.

Using trendy reel audio will boost your content automatically and bring in more views.

Make sure you etiher save or use the audio right then when watching something that you like. You could always go back to your saved audio and simply put one video or a few over the audio and there you go! You are trending!

#2 Script Your Videos

Make sure you write down what you want to say in your videos. This will help you be more comfortable on camera and will bring you more ideas in pre-production.

Remember, you have less than three seconds to catch the audience's attention. So make sure you have a strong hook and an interesting topic.

You want to give people a reason to keeo watching. Make sure you outline your text in bullet points, think of what text is going to go over your video and consider the audio. Once you have all of that, think of other elements such as screenshots, props, and more things that you want to include in your video.

#3 Film in the Best Way Possible

No one wants to watch a bad quality video. So make sure your videos are well lit, have good audio, and look good!

You could either use the native Reels editor to record videos, or simply open up your phone's camera and record videos then use third party apps.

Whatever you do, make sure the videos look good, and the secret to that is good lighting! A very easy wat you can get perfect light is to stand in front of a window; soaking in that beautiful natural light.

Having text on your videos is very important. Most people actually watch reels on mute and you want to get your info out there. So have explainer text on your reels, specially if you are talking.

You could also add voice over to explain what's going on in your videos.


Reels are being pushed by Instagram and bring in way more engagement than normal Instagram posts these days.

Don't miss out on the game! Grab your phone right now, find some trendy music, write a short script, stand by a window and create your next reel!

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Pedram Farjam | Creative Director & Video Producer


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