Add Video Marketing to your Marketing Plan Today!

June 24, 2022

Why You Should Add Video Marketing to your Marketing Plan Today!

Video has taken over the world of web. In fact, more than 80% of web content is video! The fact that video marketing is an easier way to target your audience is of no questions. Creating more videos as a brand makes you stay in the game and be stronger when it comes to marketing.

Video marketing is crucial for businesses in 2022. You can gain audience's attention through video, target them emotionally, represent your brand and show your product or service in the matter of no time.

Now let's start off with the basics.

What is video marketing?

We watch videos on our phones, computers and TVs. There are videos on billboards in common places in every big city.

Video marketing is using videos to promote and educate your audience, as well as increase brand awareness and engagement. What does that all mean though? It means that you will reach a bigger audience, faster.

It does not mean that you have to create shows or be a huge video production company with super high quality content. As long as you produce video content regurarly and use it to promote your business, then you are already in the game!

You could simply pickup your smartphone today, open up the camera, do a quick video explaining what your business does, promote that on social media and BOOM! You are a video marketer. As simple as that.

How does video marketing help?

Here are a few simple points:

1) It allows you to demonstrate what your business does in seconds.

2) It grabs the people's attentions and makes them interested in what you do.

3) It shows your product or service in action.

4) It connects your brand with the audience at an emotional level.

Now what does that all mean?

Showcase your product or service.

Let's say you want to buy a tech product, for example a new water bottle, to save the earth.

You can go ahead and read an article about it. It will tell you how amazing the water bottle is, the different colors, and the practicality.

Now let's say you searched that bottle on YouTube. You either like or dislike the bottle at that first impression. You see the shape, practicality and color better. You also see the person using it, and talking about it if it's a review. Isn't that much better? You've already found your new awesome matte black water bottle which also fits in your backpack!

What happened there was that the audience got to know the product better, and made a faster purchasing decision. That is the power of video marketing.

Grab people's attention.

Social media, fast internet, and overall the crazy world we live in has brought down people's attention spams.

You, as a brand, have less that 3 seconds to grab people's attentions. Now, unless people are really out there searching for something specific, a long article or a bunch of text will not sell your product anymore. Simply because people don't have the time or attention to read and make a purchasing decision. They want all the info right here right now, and as simple as possible.

So make videos that make people stop scrolling within the first couple of seconds, show your product or service immediately, represent your brand and lead people to make a decision through a call to action.

We won't write much more since we don't wanna lose your attention. So just do that.

Show your product or service.

Make sure your product or service is clearly represented in the video that you post or promote.

It's very important for people to see exactly what you do, how it looks like, and how it works.

A great way to do this is through a video that shows either you at work; creating that production or presenting that service.

OR showing a "customer" use your product or service.

Connect emotionally.

A great way to market your business through videos is simply to be real and connect with people emotionally.

Tell your story, your brand's story and speak about your goals and ambitions. Trust us, it goes a long way.

People love to see the human side of a brand. It makes them trust it more and connect with it better.


Start making videos today! Sell your brand through the power of visual storytelling and win at marketing.

If you want to see your business succeed in 2022, invest in video marketing today and see huge results in the near future.

At Kynda Creative, we love creating videos, and it's what we do every day! We hope that thes tips were useful and really hope that you benefit from them.

For any questions or more tips feel free to reach us at or visit and we will gladly answer all your video production or photoogrpahy related questions.


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